Aroma Club & Spa

—We Are —

Aroma Club & Spa

All started with the joy of sharing the benefits of essential oils “Aromatherapy”.
Aroma Club & Spa has a Studio that offers Skin Care Services by Mayra G. our licensed Esthetician and Ana Z. our licensed Cosmetologist.
For us Aroma means “essence” , club means “exclusive group of women” and Spa means “Unique Space”
-Women’s Unique space with essence-

3 main ways to use Essential Oils:

  • Inhale

  • Topically

  • Ingested

—From Seed to Seal —

It is not a slogan, it’s a promise!

It takes a lot of work to extract a small amount of Essential Oil!

  • To acquire 1 ounce of rose oil requires 60 thousand petals of roses
  • To acquire 7lbs of Lavender oil, 220 lbs of Lavender flowers are required.
  • To acquire 2.2lbs of Jasmine oil requires 8 million petals of flowers
  • The trees of Sandalo require being of 3 decades of antiquity and 30 feet of stop (and 90% dry) before YL grows them and extracts the essential oil from them