About Essential Oils

—Why Use —

Essential Oils

Let’s look at the list of ingredients of products that are used in the home and that we apply to our skin that contain toxic chemicals and are harmful to our health.

On average, a woman applies more than 300 toxic chemicals per day through personal use products. “80 of these chemicals are applied before breakfast.”
(example: soaps, body and hair products, makeup, etc …)

Oils and products of Young Living have ingredients such as Lemon, Tangerine, Oregano, etc. Which means that they do not contain additives and dubious ingredients.

—Understanding the —

Different Grades of Essential Oils

Grade A – Therapeutic

Made from organic plants and distilled at low temperatures

Grade B – Food Grade

May contain pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic or carrier oils

Grade C – Perfume

In many occasions, they contain adulterated chemicals and solvents. Solvents can be carcinogenic. They can also be adulterated between 80-95% with alcohol

Grade D – Floral Water

For aromatic use and usually obtained from Grade A distillation
After the oil is distilled, the water left over “floral water” is sold to companies that combine 5% of this floral water with a conductive oil and label it as “Pure”